Photo 22 Apr 1 note OMG the double down is back I will have ten

OMG the double down is back I will have ten

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[Gundam Front Tokyo] Mobile Suit Gundam 35th Anniversary Exhibition + Premiere Mobile Suit Gundam UC Exhibition in Ikebukuro: Amazing Official Photoreport by “Gundam.Info” No.46 Images ENJOY!!!

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now hold on just a diddly-darn minute


now hold on just a diddly-darn minute

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Sakuracon gay baskets day eEEEEYO

I’m that Midorimia at the bottom~!  The rest are my perfect friends (who will see this and probs reblog if they haven’t!  So excited to see how the shoot went and to have the most perfect Kuroko group (and friends in general).  


I’m the mean-mugging Momoi in the second row… This group was one of the highlights of my on and my friends are such fantastic cosplayers it hurts.

Oh hey I’m in the background of the 6th picture!

I’m the kise getting my pretty eyeliner done :3

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Nap time

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where did i put my wigcap
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Photo 20 Apr Sunday selfie

Sunday selfie

Photo 20 Apr 1 note Find me get cake

Find me get cake

Photo 19 Apr Keys from korkos Bakstebal

Keys from korkos Bakstebal

Photo 19 Apr #5ameverybodyisasleepselfie


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